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Clearly defined expectations and open communication are the foundation for success and knowing how much your project is going to cost, right up front, is key. That's why we:

  • Price each assignment by the project, not by the hour

  • Provide a written project plan that cleary states deliverables (what you're buying, e.g., tri-fold brochure design and text), agreed deadline for completion and, of course, the price

  • No hidden fees, extras or add-ons

  • Our promise to delier your completed project on-time and within budget

  • You will be provided with final project documents as print ready pdf files. That way you retain control of who you print with, when and how much. Of course, if you would like us to handle the project from conception to production, we can do that too.

Price Examples

Although every project is different, we have produced enough 'standard' pieces to give ballpark prices for our most popular items. We generally provide two custom layout designs and three rounds of revisions on:

  • Tri-Fold Brochure - $675
  • Flyer, Data Sheet (one-sided) - $275
  • Postcard (two sided) - $250
  • CD Cover & Disc Label - $250
  • Logo, T-shirt Artwork - $299

For a no obligation quote please call (916) 601-5319 or email Susan