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Invest in powerful words once then use them in all your marketing messages. Copywriting provides a valuable outside perspective of what your clients need to see, a focus on what makes your business stand out and a consistent message that builds brand awareness.

  • SEO Friendly Web Text
  • Sales Writing for Results
  • Blog & Newsletter Articles
  • Handbooks & Manuals
  • Business Process Documents
  • Custom Training Materials
  • Sales Scripts, Cold Calling Scripts
  • Print Advertising Text
  • Radio & TV Recording Scripts


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4 Reasons to work with a copywriter

  1. A copywriter is more than someone who's good with words. A copywriter is an objective observer, someone who will see your business with fresh eyes. A copywriter will get to know what makes you and your business different and craft a unique message that will resonate with your clients and customers.

  2. Graphics grab, but information sells. Every word speaks volumes about you and your business. Good graphics and an appealing layout will attract attention, but unless your words have substance and meaning, the reader will not become a customer.

  3. You have the tools to write your own copy (I bet you talk and write about your business every day) so why spend money on a copywriter? As a passionate business owner you are driven to add value to your customers. But let me ask you this, are the things that are exciting and important to you also relevant to your clients? Do your customers really care about how you do it or do they just want to know what you can do for them? A copywriter can clarify and often uncover the true stories that will connect your customers with you. Good sales writing (copy) will immediately show your customers why your products and services are important and relevant to their lives.

  4. Copywriting is a sound investment. Your copy will take on many lives. Your copy can be used in whole or in part and can provide a consistent message used in many different ways. Your copy can be used on your website, a newsletter article, a promotional flyer, a brochure or a great phrase can become a tag line for your business cards and sales letters.